Illiteracy in America

Reading. Writing. Living.

Millions of Americans go through life with a secret they are ashamed to tell their own spouses, friends and loved ones: they are illiterate. These Americans are unable to drive, get a job, or even simple tasks such as grocery shopping. Many Americans take reading and writing for granted, but just imagine not being able to go see a movie with friends for multiple reasons. First off, you do not have a license because you could not take the drivers test and are unable to read road signs. Second, you are unable to even read the newspaper to see what movies are playing as well as being unable read the movie reviews.

It is time America stand up and take hold of this national problem. If every person donates a little time, money and effort to this cause the nation will be a better place socially and economically. Children are our future - focus on them. They are the key that will unlock the better jobs and futures for you and your children and grandchildren. Adults are our present. Do not overlook them. They deserve every right to learn to read and be proficient in the English language. The adults that are helped along the way will more than likely want to help another person who is struggling with reading and writing.

Do your part. Help. Donate. Enable another human being to be able to enjoy the same moments that you do because of your ability. Where would you be if you were unable to read? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it feels like to be there - and remember - you don't have to be there so help give someone a leg up.

Created by: Sarah Daren